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Authors: Sharon Prior and Matt Summerfield

Description: Accelerating Leadership Potential in Young People

This pioneering programme aims to develop and release the leadership ability of young people so that they can be used by God to make a difference in their world.

The origin of the word ‘Kinetic' is the Greek word kinetikos which comes from the word kinein meaning ‘to move'. The dictionary tells us that ‘Kinetic‘ is…

  • Characterized by, or causing movement
  • Active as opposed to latent
  • Dynamic, energizing.

This is what Kinetic is all about – leadership that creates movement, leadership that is active and leadership that is dynamic and energizing. The course is comprised of 12 interactive sessions that young people work through with an adult mentor, and covers subjects including:

  • The nature of biblical leadership
  • The character of a leader
  • Vision and strategy
  • The art of great communication
  • Building a great team
  • Managing the tough times
  • Understanding your own leadership style
  • Developing other leaders
  • Enduring as a leader

Each session is then sub-divided into the following sections:

  • EXCITE! - This section provides an overview of the aim of the session.
  • EXALT! - This section provides a brief devotional for you to work through.  Its primary purpose is to help prepare you for the session by focusing on God through looking at the example of Jesus.
  • EXPLODE! - This section provides a brief reflection on a leadership myth that needs exploding as part of working through the theme of the session. 
  • EXPLORE! - This section provides the main bulk of biblical teaching.
  • EXPRESS! - This section will provide some practical application to enable you to express and apply what you have learnt through the session.
  • EXTREME! - This final section is an optional, radical challenge, which takes ‘express' to another level.

This book includes an accompanying DVD and is best worked through with an adult mentor.

"A fantastic resource that will be invaluable in developing leadership gifts in teenagers" - Rob Parsons, Care For The Family

"Our world is in desperate need of women and men of wisdom and integrity, who will follow the example of Jesus and bring leadership into all areas of our society. So let's start equipping, inspiring and training them when they are young. Kinetic offers a wonderful foundation for a life of service through leadership." Steve Clifford, Evangelical Alliance